Pioneers of Skydiving 2016



Felicity, California

March 17, 18, 19, 20, 2016

The Pioneers of Sport Parachuting Reunion, 2016

Eagles flocked to the center of the Earth: Cadillac Kim Knor; Nanc Gruttman, WSCR; Tim Long, SRA... Skydiving's Father JA Istel; Jim Wallace; WSCRs.

Proper pomp and circumstance- The POSPR, Nancy Gruttman, WSCR; Jim Wallace, role model; Dr. Alan Eustace, current jumper (broke Baumgartner's record) are inducted with proper pomp and circumstance:

Marine Color Guard, Larry's Turbo Porter pumping out jumps in POSH environs.... becoming a jumper-crowd draw.

Art fan, 'm virgin to JA Istel's estate-scale canvas. Palate painted by desert and sun where the soft colors morph with shadow.

From altitude the visuals are nicely framed. The landscape architecture of JA Istel's plain air museum satisfies the Golden Rule cleanly. Fence-line to Fence-line, JA's place projects a 'giant's walk-about'.

Architectual earth beacon lit by a desert showcasing environs-patterns as eye-candy - visible from orbit or parachute.

Situated near Yuma, JA's The Center of the Earth:

Sweet dreams of blue skies


Photos by: Fred Basile

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